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High Returns, Proven Model

Our completed projects have a combined value of over $20 million, providing investors with an average return of 13% per annum.

We’re on track to bring another $140 million of real estate to market over the next three years in three cities around the globe.

In our first year, we paid out over $1.1 million in profit to our investors.

Gain exposure to the high returns of property development using our easy, secure, and battle-tested investment model.

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Our full methodology is a 15-step process to efficiently and effectively raise capital from investors, complete a property development project, sell the properties for the highest attainable price, and provide returns to our investors.

What You Get

When You Invest

Maximised Profitability

We acquire our property development sites off-market in private auctions for below-market value. As a result, our projects are already profitable from day one.

Security & Collateral

All capital invested with us is a held in a Unit Trust or secured by a registered mortgage. This means that your capital is always secured against a valuable, tangible asset: the property development site itself.

Proven Track Record

The average net payout of our completed projects is equivalent to 13% per year, significantly higher than other common investment strategies such as property buy-and-hold, stocks, and bonds.


Our investors have visibility over all of our projects, not just their own - investors can access monthly updates for all mutually-funded projects.

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View the latest public progress updates for each of our property development projects.

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They make you feel like you are part of their team and not just investors. They are down to earth and relatable; a bunch of nice people who have your best interest at heart. Looking forward to reaping the rewards from our initial investment and then doing it again!
I have been involved with Lion Property Group as an investor in multiple developments - they are highly a professional group with a focused team. I highly recommend them and encourage anyone looking to invest in property to meet with them. You will be impressed.
Lion Property Group are fantastic to work with and they really put the customer first! I have met the entire team on an investor night and couldn't recommend them highly enough. They are transparent, thorough and extremely knowledgeable in this field.
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