More than 10% return on investment

Our investment model allows investors to put their capital into real estate development projects via mutual-funding structures.

Investing in a property development project offers investors:

  • Exposure to real estate assets
  • Higher returns than other property investment strategies
  • A long-term stable method of storing wealth
  • Passive income via regular monthly distributions

How we generate
10% return on investment.

By investing with us, you receive exposure to real estate assets using a highly-lucrative investment strategy that outperforms other real estate investment strategies.

We utilise a growth-focused investment strategy that uses property development to achieve its returns. Property development, also known as real estate development, is a business strategy that encompasses a variety of practices designed to increase the value of a property so that it can be resold for a profit.

Property development has been a successful investment model for decades, but is usually out of reach of most single investors. By utilising a mutual fund structure that pools capital from multiple investors, we are able to offer property development opportunities to individuals who cannot undertake them on their own.

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Passive income

Rising interest rates and the cost of goods hurting your budget?

Counteract inflation and rising interest rates with a little extra income in your bank account each and every month.

By investing in our projects, you’ll receive a distribution of 1% each month, which goes a long way to boosting your passive income.


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  • 12% per annum return
  • Distributions paid monthly
  • Capital secured against real estate
  • Bonus profit share upon completion
  • Targeted 36 month term
  • Pro rata returns if delayed