2022 branding refresh.

After four years in business, we decided it was time for a new coat of paint.

We’re keeping the same name, and we’re still the same company. But we felt it was necessary to update our brand’s look and feel.


Embracing luxury.

Over the last two years we’ve decided to focus on developing luxury homes (you can read our rationale here) and it’s time that our branding was updated to match this change in strategy. It’s difficult to verbalise why, but the aesthetic of a luxury brand evokes a certain feeling in the viewer. If we want to sell luxury homes, it’s important that our brand, as the developer, has the premium feeling of a luxury brand.


Digital-first design.

When Lion was first founded, we were still an analogue company, with a focus on print material. During COVID, we pivoted heavily towards digital—not only was it necessary, but we found that it was outright better.

With the opportunity to start from scratch, our marketing team has been able to design materials to work on digital platforms from the outset.

What this means for you is that your digital experience, whether that’s reading information memorandums or accessing the investor portal, will be easier to use and feel premium.

That’s not to say we’re ignoring print material. It’s still important to us that our branding looks superb when printed. But after four years in business, we have a much better understanding of what materials we need to create, what we need them to achieve, and how to make them fulfil that purpose. With our branding refresh, we’ve made sure that our new aesthetic enhances functionality.

Greater things to come.

Our new branding, including the new logo, was launched last week. All of our material going forward will be in the new branding.

We’re still committed to providing our investors with excellent returns, but now we’ll look much better while we’re doing it.

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