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Eminence Updates

Located at 2-4 Cornell Street in the prestigious suburb of Camberwell, our plans for this 1,250 square metre site involve four 4-bedroom luxury homes ranging from 340-390m2 internal floor space with a pool in each. We anticipate a final combined selling price in excess of AU$12,000,000. Estimated Completion: August, 2021 Launch – 20th May, 2019…

investment property wealth creation feat

Wealth Creation with Investment Property

Australian property has proven itself to be one of the most reliable methods of wealth creation in recent history. Wealth creation with investment property has seen investors achieving returns of 43.1% from 2013 to 2017 (based on the eight capital cities combined average growth in that period). There are several factors that explain why investment…

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An Alternative to Investment Property: Property Development

Australian Property is an Exceptional Investment Many investors, both within Australia and internationally, are looking to add an Australian investment property to their portfolio. The reason is evident: Australian investment property has performed exceptionally well over the last fifty years, especially so for the last ten to fifteen years. From 1970 until now, Australian residential…

FAQ What Happens If a Project is Delayed

FAQ: What Happens If a Project is Delayed?

At Lion Property Group your feedback matters. That’s why we’ve implemented a new clause to compensate investors in the event of project delays that cause an investment to go beyond the expected term. Read the rest of our FAQs. Full Video Transcript: Hi, and thanks for joining us here for this video, where we’re gonna…

RBA Rate Cut - Record Low

RBA Rate Cut – Record Low

On Tuesday the 4th of June, the RBA announced their decision to lower the cash rate by 25 basis rates. In this short video, Daan Jansen explains what the changes are and what it means for you as investor. Some further notes from Daan on the property market: Negative Gearing – The federal election outcome…

Zenith Property Development - Lion Property Group

Zenith Updates

Zenith is a renovation project. The home that currently exists on the 1,271m2 lot was built in 1972 in classical Queenslander-style with five bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and five parking spaces. Since Queenslander-style homes are a hot item in the local market, we’ve decided to expand and renovate the pre-existing home rather than building a new…

Orange Grove Los Angeles

Orange Grove Updates

This Development is a Joint Venture with Ketter Group, a real estate development, design, and construction company based in Los Angeles. Garry had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Ketter Group on a recent trip to Los Angeles and found them to be a perfect fit, matching Lion Property Group’s drive, ambition, and client-centric…

Waterpoint Property Development - Lion Property Group

Waterpoint Updates

The Waterpoint Development will add two uber luxurious Hampton-style houses to market, each with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a private pool. The upper levels will feature water views of the Brisbane river and the CBD. Estimated Completion: Q2, 2020 June 19th, 2019 We are still awaiting Council approval for our Development Application. All Building…

Olympus Property Development

Olympus Updates

This iconic home will transform one of Brisbane’s most coveted real estate locations into a multi level, multi million dollar home. Perched high above the cityscape on one of Brisbane’s most exclusive street addresses (Toorak Road, Hamilton), this development will deliver high end living with city and harbour views to die for. Estimated Completion: Q1,…

The Beacon Updates

Our largest Development to date in terms of land size, The Beacon will convert a 12,261m² vacant lot into ten house subdivisions as well as an additional 28 townhouses for a total of 38 properties. Estimated Completion: Stage 1 December 2019 / Stage 2 March 2021 June 19th, 2019 Tender has begun for Stage 1….