Are you a Sophisticated Investor?

The Corporations Act 2001 defines two types of investment offers: retail and wholesale. By law, everyone is considered a retail client by default. To be eligible for wholesale investment offers, you must be a ‘sophisticated investor.’ This distinction between retail and wholesale investments is to protect investors who are making financial and investment decisions. When…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this development structured? When an investor invests into one our developments, they are investing into a Unit Trust that has been created specifically for that development. Each investor in the trust receives units proportional to the amount of capital they invest ($1,000 equals one unit). A unit is a piece of property that…

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Unit Trusts: Making Collective Investment Possible

Most of our property development projects are structured as Unit Trusts. A Unit Trust is a method of collective investment created by, and operating in accordance with, a trust deed. A Unit Trust pools money from multiple investors into a single fund, which is then managed by the trustee. By structuring our investments as a…

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Testimonial: Ross T

JOHN: We’re at Sidney Street and I’m joined by Ross here today, having a look at the final product. Ross, what’s it been like as a result of getting involved with Lion Property Group and this particular project, because I know there was some challenges along the way there? What has your experience been like…

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Testimonial: Mark H

JOHN: I’m here today with Mark at Sidney Street and we’ve just completed this project. Mark has been one of the investors since the very beginning of this project to help us come to it’s realisation. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. There have been some challenges along the way. Mark, what’s it been…

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Testimonial: Jenny P

On site at our completed Precedent development, John and Jenny discuss her experience as a member of our investor community. Jenny invested in our second property development project, The Precedent, which was completed in late 2018. JOHN: Alright, so we’re here at Sidney Street. Here with Jenny who happens to be one of the initial…

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Australian Housing Culture

Australian Housing Attitudes Australian attitudes surrounding housing are defined by a cultural phenomenon known as the “Great Australian Dream”. In Australia, detached houses in suburban areas are considered the most desirable properties. Owning your own home with a backyard and the stereotypical white picket fence is considered a rite of passage and part of the…

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Choosing a Development Site

Choosing the location of a property development is one of the most important steps. The success and profitability of the project is dependent upon the development site that is chosen. Here’s a general overview of the process we use when choosing a development site. Firstly, we look at macro-level factors to decide on a city….


Average Australian Property Investors

The Truth about Australian Property Investors What typical Australian property investors look like might surprise you. Statistics show that the vast majority of Australian investors are actually small-scale investors who own 83% of Australia’s residential investment market. The mental image we have of a full-time property speculator or property mogul just isn’t accurate. The average…


Property Development Investment Explained

In this article, we detail our property development investment model in detail. This allows you to make an informed decision when deciding if a property development investment is the best vehicle to generate wealth for you. Site Evaluation We identify promising suburbs by examining their recent performance and looking for indicators of future price growth…