Melbourne Property Prices (2013-2018)

The statistic that any property owner, whether they’re an investor or an owner-occupier, is most interested in is property prices. This article provides information on Melbourne Property Prices during the 2013 to 2018 period, broken down into quarterly intervals. We show the percentage change compared to the previous quarter, as well as the mean price…


Investing Using Equity

If you own a home but lack the capital to invest, one solution is to use the equity in your home to fund an investment. What is Equity? Before going any further, let’s explain what equity is. With everything you own, there are assets and liabilities. If you own a car worth $20,000 (the asset),…


The Biggest Mistake a Property Investor Can Make

The biggest mistake a property investor can make is to treat investment properties like their home. Homes and Investments are purchased for vastly different purposes. The purpose of buying an investment is to make money. Therefore, every decision surrounding the process of buying the property should be guided by one question: “Will this maximise the…


Our High Return Investment Model

Ensuring a High Return Investment To deliver a high return investment to our Investors, and remain viable as a business, it is paramount that each of our Property Developments is profitable. This is why all our Development projects undergo comprehensive feasibility studies as the first step. The first thing we do for any potential Development…


Why Brisbane Investments will Create Millionaires

Brisbane Investments the Next Big Thing Brisbane investments such as Brisbane investment properties, are going to explode in value over the next decade. Like all commodities, the value of property is affected by supply and demand. The supply and demand of property is in turn affected by several factors. Proximity to Jobs We all need…


Real Estate Investors & Rent-vesting

As house prices continue to rise, many Australians are barely able to afford one property, let alone two. This has led to an increase in rent-vesting among real estate investors. Rather than owning a home, 4% of Australians have discovered the benefit of purchasing an investment property while continuing to rent in their preferred location….


Property in Australia – Explaining the Market

Property in Australia Economy Property is a huge force in Australia’s economy. Residential property makes up $6.9 trillion of the Australian economy. For comparison, Superannuation comprises $2.2 trillion and Australian listed stocks comprises $1.7 trillion. There are 9.7 million residential properties in Australia and another 220,000 properties are built each year. There are 456,840 property…


Guide for Foreigners Buying Property

Foreigners buying property in Australia need to receive foreign investment approval before they can buy property. Whether they will receive this approval depends on the exact legal status of the foreigner and the type of property they are looking to buy. Foreign Non-Residents Buying Property Any non-resident of Australia (including people on limited period visas)…


Claiming Property Depreciation for Tax

What is Depreciation? Over time, things break. They wear out, they lose their lustre, and sometimes they just plain stop working. A ten-year-old car is generally going to have more problems than a brand new car. This is why older or second-hand things are cheaper than brand new things. An older thing is less useful…


Save Money by Buying Property Off the Plan

What does Property Off the Plan Mean? An off the plan property is a property that doesn’t exist yet. There are plans to build a certain property on a plot of land, but construction hasn’t started yet. When you are buying off the plan, you are buying based off the plan alone (hence the name)….