Looking for the best way to invest 250k? Our End Payment model is designed to give you the highest possible returns to maximise your ROI.

With typical returns in the range of 15% per annum, the End Payment model is a contender for the best way to invest 250k. 

Best Way to Invest 250k

This investment option is for investors who want the highest possible return and don’t need to consider other factors such as their cash flow.  The End Payment model delivers returns in line with the performance of the development – if the development performs better than expected, then your return will also be higher. While we may offer a minimum ROI for each development, the returns are ultimately variable.


End Payment Option

Returns in the End Payment model are paid upon completion of the development and the conclusion of the investment term, hence the name End Payment.

At the end of the investment term, investors may choose to automatically reinvest their capital in a new project and receive their return, or reinvest their return as well as their capital to begin exponentially growing their wealth.


  • Variable Return
  • Returns up to 35%
  • 18-30 Month Investment Terms


  • Higher ROI (compared to CF model)


  • Paid upon Completion

End Payment Examples

The tables below show examples of the return on investment you will receive by investing the minimum amount of $250,000 in the End Payment model for a 24-month investment term. Remember, actual returns are variable and these examples are indicative only.

Conservative (12.5% p.a.)
1 %
return on investment
$ 1
Total profit

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Typical (15% p.a.)
1 %
Return on investment
$ 1
Total profit

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Ideal (17.5% p.a.)
1 %
Return on investment
$ 1
Total profit

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Our Investment Model

Our property development investment model allows us to create wealth, build homes, and change lives.

Over the last few years, we have honed and revised our investment models based on the challenges we’ve encountered from practical experience in undertaking our developments.

The result is a distinct model of investment structured to serve the needs of investors and the experience required for us to consistently achieve the targeted performance.

Our Experience

Decades of experience and proven results mean that we’re a trustworthy partner to build your wealth.

Senior management have over 40 years of combined experience working within the Australian property market, and our expert team includes specialists in capital raising, property sales, project management, marketing, and accounting.

Operating as Lion Property Group, we have completed three property development projects which have each delivered annualised ROIs between 13% and 16% to investors.

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