5th of August, 2020

Victoria's stage 4 restrictions

As Melbourne has entered Stage 4 restrictions, we thought it was time to provide another update to let everyone know what the next six weeks will look like for Lion Property Group.

Up until now, we have allowed employees to determine their own work arrangements: some of our team have been working from home, some have been coming into the office and social-distancing, or a combination of both. Under the Victorian State Government’s Stage 4 restrictions, however, our office will be closed. The Lion team will be switching to remote work procedures and working from home in order to satisfy safety requirements.

We are not standing down any employees nor are we reducing hours (nor have we done so at any point during the coronavirus outbreak—we’ve actually grown our team). The full team will maintain their regular work hours throughout the six-week lockdown on a working-from-home basis. As such, we do not expect any reductions to our output and productivity, in terms of quantity or quality.

As part of the Stage 4 restrictions, there have been some changes to the way that work can be conducted on Victorian construction sites. These restrictions apply to the construction sites at The Parkside (#13: 10 Romsey Street, Noble Park, VIC) and The Beacon (#14: 3-7 Pink Hill Boulevard, Beaconsfield, VIC).

Our understanding of the Stage 4 restrictions which apply to these projects are as follows:

  • A maximum of five workers on site at any given time (including supervisors);
  • The implementation of a COVID-safe plan;
  • Worker shifts cannot be blended;
  • Workers can only work on a single construction site during Stage 4.

We are currently working closely with Montdami Construction and Blue Sky Building and Construction (the builders for these projects) to determine if and how these restrictions will affect work on-site.

Of course, these restrictions only apply to the State of Victoria, so it’s important to note that our projects in Brisbane are not affected in any way, and will continue as per usual.

Our full efforts, as always, are devoted to the fulfillment of excellent returns for our investors, and we will continue to pursue this goal to the best of our abilities while fully complying with the Stage 4 restrictions.

Stay safe, take care, and let’s all look out for each other through these challenging circumstances.

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