A bright decade ahead — Gold Coast property predictions..

This holiday destination is maturing from a satellite city to a major hub.

Home to an enviable lifestyle.

The Gold Coast is an interesting area—it has a very small permanent population of around 600,000 people but experiences a large amount of tourism due to its reputation as a holiday destination. However, in the wake of COVID lockdowns, this has started to change. The Gold Coast is still a popular location for a holiday, but the number of permanent residents is also growing as people are deciding to move there permanently.

The Gold Coast was the most popular destination among ‘metro-movers’ fleeing capital cities during the 2021 March quarter.

– Australian Financial Review.

The Gold Coast’s population growth is leading to low housing supply and low vacancy rates, which are both causes of price increases.

A decade of upgrades to come.

Add in the billions of dollars of infrastructure upgrades that the city is receiving in the lead-up to the Olympics, as well as the billions of private development that is underway, and the Gold Coast’s desirability as a place to live is only going to increase. These projects are also going to need workers, and these workers are going to need homes, which will also increase demand for homes in an environment with low supply.

Planned infrastructure projects.

  • Gold Coast Airport Expansion

    $347 million

  • CBD Rejuvenation

    $5 billion

  • Health & Knowledge Precinct

    $5 billion

  • Pacific Highway Upgrade

    $1 billion

  • Light Rail Stage 3

    $5.2 billion

  • Olympic Rail Upgrade

    $2.2 billion

All of these factors are pointing towards Gold Coast postcodes becoming some of the most expensive in Australia, if they aren’t already.

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