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Why Invest with Lion Property Group?

High Performance

Our completed projects have all achieved net returns above 30% to investors, which is significantly higher than other common investment strategies.

Risk Mitigation

By having effective risk management systems in place, we can offer a superior reward-to-risk ratio than other investment options.

Low Fees

Our only fee is a management fee of 2.5% to 4%, which is required to start the project. We only receive a profit on a project once all investors have been paid out.


Property development is a niche asset class with low correlation. This makes it excellent for investors seeking to diversify or hedge.


We have multiple systems in place to ensure investors are kept up to date on how their investments are tracking.

Set & Forget

We handle every aspect of the development, so you can reap the rewards with no effort on your end.

Who can invest?

Any entity that is legally able to invest in Australia is eligible to invest in our opportunities, assuming they meet the minimum investment requirements of a particular opportunity.


An individual can invest in our projects using their personal capacity. However, not all individuals will be eligible for every offer.


Corporations can invest in our projects, and the agreement will be made in the name of the company.


Trustees can invest in our projects on behalf of the Trust they manage.


Some of our offers accept investment from self-managed superannuation funds.

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Submit a Registration of Interest Form

This simply lets us know that you’re interested in our investment options and ensures we have all the information necessary to understand your financial position and proceed with your application.

Form Review

Our team reviews your Registration of Interest and confirms which investment products you are eligible for. 


Meet Your Consultant

Your Registration of Interest form is assigned to one of our team of consultants. They will contact you to discuss the specifics of our offerings and help you determine which one best fulfills your investment goals.


Investor Agreement

If you decide to proceed with an investment opportunity, our team will prepare an Investment Agreement. This agreement is pre-populated using the information you provided on the Registration of Interest form. At this stage you will also need to nominate a bank account to receive your return/s.


Transfer Funds

Once your funds have been received by us (approximately 2-3 business days within Australia) your investment term will begin. For security purposes, we prefer electronic bank transfer to transfer your funds. Details on how to do this is provided on your Investor Agreement form.

After you invest


After investing you will receive all the details of your project and investment. Should any of your personal details change you can contact us and we can easily update. 

Regular Updates

We provide regular updates on the development to track the project progress. We also have updates on our website to provide transparency.


We hold regular events for our diverse, like-minded investor community. Our community is united by their need for a reliable investment model that provides financial freedom and flexibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When an investor invests into one of our Land Acquisition offers, they are investing into a Unit Trust that has been created specifically for that development. Each investor in the trust receives units proportional to the amount of capital they invest ($1,000 equals one unit). A unit is a piece of property that entitles the unit holder to a specified portion of the income and capital of the Trust (as specified in the Trust Deed). The trustee then uses the funds within the trust to undertake the development on behalf of the unit holders.

For Construction Funding offers, the same applies, except it is a private company with Shares instead of Units.

Expected returns vary per Offer based on our feasibility studies. Generally, our Land Acquisition offers target returns of  approximately 30% over the Development duration. The exact return to Investors varies depending on the performance of the Development. This option is for investors seeking to gain the best returns possible.

We also offer a fixed option via our Construction Funding offers which provide investors a static return of 15% per annum. This option is perfect for clients who value security and peace of mind.

For investors and projects within Australia, we generally accept any investment over $250,000. The minimum amount may be adjusted at Management’s discretion. Each investor in a project adds an administrative overhead. Restricting the total number of investors in a project reduces administrative work and costs which results in better returns to investors.

No. You are investing capital into a Unit Trust and you receive returns proportional to the amount of money you invested. The land used for the development is owned by the Unit Trust and the completed properties are sold to purchasers. You do not receive ownership of any of the properties constructed by the Development unless you choose to a buy a property as a separate transaction.

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For Land Acquisition offers: Yes. Each Development has its own Unit Trust, and your capital is put into the Unit Trust. Monies from one Development are not used in other Developments. You may invest in multiple Developments depending on the amount of capital you have to invest and our current availability.

In Construction Funding offers, your capital is diversified across multiple different Developments via loans.

Yes. SMSFs can be used to invest in Unit Trusts, and most of our Developments are structured as Unit Trusts. To ensure that your SMSF investment is compliant with ATO regulations, we recommend engaging the services of licensed professionals to assist if you have not already done so.

You will receive monthly updates specific to your investment via email. We also have a invitation only Facebook Group for active investors only, where you can receive  updates on all our developments with photos, videos, upcoming events and project launches. 

Our investor community is a diverse group of Australian and international investors united by their need for a reliable investment model that provides them financial freedom and flexibility. At the start of 2019, our Investor community consists of over two hundred active investors.

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