Lion Property Group provide easy, low-risk investment opportunities via property developments. Diversify your portfolio today and get up to 15% p.a. returns.

Our community of over 200+ investors agree that it’s the smartest method of wealth creation.

Our property development investment opportunities allow you to create wealth with low risk.

Over the last few years, we have honed and revised our investment models based on the challenges we’ve encountered from practical experience in undertaking our developments.

The result is two distinct models of investment structured to serve the needs of investors as well as the experience required for us to consistently achieve the targeted performance.

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Our Typical Performance

1 %
per annum

Via End Payment model

1 %
per annum

Via Cash Flow model

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Our Investors

Our Investor community is a diverse group of Australian and international property development investors united by their need for a reliable investment model that provides them financial freedom and flexibility.

Our Investment Models

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End Payment

Our variable option delivers returns in line with the performance of the investment. If the project performs better than expected, your return will be higher.

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Cash Flow

This introductory offer is for people who prefer an investment opportunity with regularly paid returns, regardless of the overall investment performance.

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Current Investment Opportunities


Frequently asked questions about our investment opportunities

No. You are investing capital into a Unit Trust and you receive returns proportional to the amount of money you invested. The land used for the development is owned by the Unit Trust and the completed properties are sold to purchasers. You do not receive ownership of any of the properties constructed by the Development unless you choose to a buy a property as a separate transaction.

The largest protection offered to investors by our Unit Trust structure is that an investor’s capital is secured against the land that is purchased by the Unit Trust. The Unit Trust owns the land, and the unit holders are entitled to a portion of the trust’s assets based on the number of Units they hold. Another protection is that a trustee owes a duty of care to unit holders and beneficiaries within the Unit Trust and the unit deed mandates that the trustee acts in the best interests of the unit holders and beneficiaries at all times. If a trustee fails to do so, they can be held personally liable with civil and criminal penalties depending on the severity of the their actions.

For investors and projects within Australia, we generally accept any investment over $250,000. The minimum amount may be adjusted at Management’s discretion. Each investor in a Development adds an administrative overhead. Restricting the total number of Investors in a Development reduces administrative work and costs which results in better returns to Investors..

We can never be certain that a Development will be profitable; all investments have an element of risk. However, before proceeding with any development we conduct a thorough feasibility study to ensure that the site meets our criteria and standards. We also obtain an independent valuation from CBRE during the design phase based on comparable property sales to ensure that our expected sales prices and subsequent calculations are realistic. We also add a contingency into the budget, typically 5% but varying based on the level of risk involved in the Development, to ensure that the Development will be completed.

Unlike a traditional buy-and-hold property investment strategy, our ability to achieve a profit as a Developer is not inherently tied to market performance; as long as the combined sales price of the developed properties is higher than the cost to build them, we still achieve a profit. There are a variety of factors other than final sales price that also influence how much profit a particular development will generate, such as the purchase price of the land, construction costs, and loan interest. This allows us to achieve a profit from the lucrative property market without being completely dependent on the performance of the market.

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