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About Us: John Sader

John Sader

Advanced Diploma Management (Bus)
Accredited Behavioral Specialist
International Coach Guild – Founding Member

With a rich and varied career spanning across two decades, John Sader has worked with high performance teams in a range of industries to deliver outstanding results.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, John’s humble beginnings are a catalyst which drive him to master the skills of persuasive communication and leverage these techniques to obtain extraordinary results.

As an avid reader with an ever-curious nature, John has devoted himself to understanding what motivates the people who change the world. This journey of knowledge led John to becoming certified by the Coaching Institute. It was here that John specialised in interpersonal communication patterns and how they can be used to improve business outcomes. These skills allowed John to become a facilitator for The Coaching Institute as well as a founding member of The International Coach Guild.

Through his years of studies, facilitation, and consulting work, John refined his innate abilities and discovered how to apply his learnings directly within the fields of Sales and Marketing. Coupled with his passion for investing in the Australian property market, John found a synergy which empowered real estate professionals to improve their inbound enquiries and conversion rates.

This focused engagement with traditional and off the plan sales teams served to further sharpen John’s ability to generate highly qualified leads, retain interest, and grow sales through a variety of online and offline applications.

As a digital native, John’s interest in online publication, lead generation, campaign management, and delivery of live events brings a depth to the Lion team which is truly invaluable.

John is certified in Meta Dynamics and Hypnosis, accredited in Extended DISC Behavioral Profiling and holds an Advanced Diploma of Management. This extensive knowledge is the source of John’s in depth awareness of the human mind, which combined with his industry experience as a senior leader, provides clear guidance which drives Lion Property Group’s high performance culture.

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