Lion vs. the market — 12 month comparison.

How have our investors fared compared to other common investment strategies?

This chart shows the cumulative change in value over time since the start date of February 21st, 2022. Each month’s figure is relative to the starting figure.

Why this date? Because that’s when the Aire on Yarra was fully raised — our first project to offer a fixed 12 percent p.a. return to investors. So this chart basically shows what would have happened if you’d invested in Aire versus investing that same money somewhere else.

The Aire on Yarra project is up 12 percent, because the project is one year old and the rate of return is fixed.

The ASX200, an index fund which tracks the 200 largest companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, is up around 3 percent, recovering at the beginning of this year after being down for most of 2022.

The S&P500, an index fund which tracks 500 leading publicly-traded companies in the USA, is down around 5 percent compared to one year ago.

Bitcoin is the saddest tale, losing nearly 80 percent of its value in December, before recovering to its current position: down around 46 percent.

2022 was a turbulent year for investors. Pretty much every major market was down for most of the year. But because our investors can rely on fixed monthly income, they don’t need to be concerned about market conditions. In uncertain market conditions, it’s difficult to beat the peace of mind that fixed income investments like ours can offer.

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