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About Us: Michael Peroumal

Michael Peroumal

Licenced Real Estate Agent (LREA)
Associate Fellow of the National Real Estate Association (AFNREA)

Michael Peroumal has been working in the Sales industry and assisting Sales professionals for over 25 years. With his direct experience in Property sales, business development, account management, training, and coaching he has developed an intimate understanding of the proven strategies that lead to outstanding sales results.

After buying his first investment property at the age of 21, Michael discovered and fell in love with the power of what property can do for your wealth. He has continued his work in the industries of Sales and Property by assisting thousands of clients build their own property investment portfolio. He believes in simple yet practical strategies that are easy to implement which enable people to achieve fast productivity gains, profitability, and life growth.

He has worked all over the world in his professional sales career including Australasia, South East Asia, USA, Europe, and Africa. He has managed, trained, and coached both small and large teams of sales professionals. Under his leadership, these teams consistently achieved outstanding sales results across a large cross section of industries including: Property and Development, Property Consulting, HR/Recruiting, Professional Services, Health & Wellbeing, Wellness Products, High-end Education, Industrial Sales, Direct Sales, Medical & Security services, and Sustainable Energy.

Michael is a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent (LREA) and Associate Fellow of the National Real Estate Association (AFNREA). His direct yet open approach has enabled him to assist thousands of clients to confidently and safely build their successful property and development portfolios. With core values of integrity and trust, Michael loves developing the belief, skills and wisdom to empower any property development/investor to achieve the results the want and desire.

On a personal note, Michael became a father in 2010. It was at this point that he truly understood the power and meaning of leaving an eternal legacy to the world, and began the next phase of his life journey to continually update his knowledge and develop his skills to ensure he performs at the highest level.

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