17 Ashmore Street, Everton Park QLD

A $1,900,000 capital raise to fund the construction of a project in Everton Park. We will demolish the existing property and construct four new contemporary townhomes, with an anticipated cumulative price of $2,865,000.
12% return.

Raise status: Closed.


Brookway is a development in Everton Park which will bring four townhouses to market. The development site is 7 kilometres from the CBD and is located close to Brookside Shopping Centre and five different schools. These homes include 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and are designed with contemporary stylings.


Latest project update.

Current Status: Construction

  • Level one flooring system and walls have been installed
  • Level one block works have been completed
  • Plumbing selections have been finalised for the rough-ins to proceed on level one
  • A significant amount of the rough-ins on the ground floor are complete

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  • 12% per annum return
  • Distributions paid monthly
  • Capital secured against real estate
  • Bonus profit share upon completion
  • Targeted 36 month term
  • Pro rata returns if delayed