356 Bowen Terrace, New Farm QLD

A $5,000,000 capital raise to fund the acquisition of a development site in New Farm. We will demolish the existing property and construct two townhouses, one whole-floor apartment, and one whole-floor penthouse with an expected cumulative value of $16,000,000.
36% return.

Raise status: Closed.


356 Bowen Terrace is a 602 square metre parcel of land situated on the Eastern side of New Farm, 200 metres away from the Brisbane River. This project will deliver two high-end townhouses and two whole-floor apartments to market, with a cumulative sales price of $16,000,000.


Latest project update.

Current Status: Design & Council approval

Last quarter we received the Request for Further Information (RFI) from the council and the consultants were engaged to work on the documentation required to satisfy the council requirements. Documentation was submitted in late February and we anticipate having the council’s response at the beginning of the second quarter.

The advertising period took place in the first quarter. This is to allow the local community to raise any concerns or object to the construction of the development. The period is now complete and we received some objections which we are addressing.

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  • 12% per annum return
  • Distributions paid monthly
  • Capital secured against real estate
  • Bonus profit share upon completion
  • Targeted 36 month term
  • Pro rata returns if delayed