3-7 Pink Hill Boulevard, Beaconsfield VIC

A $2,000,000 capital raise to fund the acquisition of a development site in Beaconsfield. The site is currently vacant, and we will build 24 townhouses in the second stage.
35% return.

Raise status: Closed.


Our largest Development to date in terms of land size, The Beacon will convert a 12,261m² vacant lot into ten house subdivisions as well as an additional 24 townhouses for a total of 34 properties.


Latest project update.

Current Status: Construction

Framing works have continued across the development with a total of 19 units complete. The structural steel works to the 19 townhouses are also complete. The structural steel to construct the walls on the first floor has commenced. In addition, works are underway to prepare the first floor flooring of the townhouses.

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  • 12% per annum return
  • Distributions paid monthly
  • Capital secured against real estate
  • Bonus profit share upon completion
  • Targeted 36 month term
  • Pro rata returns if delayed