9 Whyenbah St, Hamilton QLD

A $2 million capital raise to fund the acquisition of a development site in one of Brisbane’s most prized suburbs This project will deliver 2 high-end townhomes with an expected GRV of $8 million.
30% return.

Raise status: Closed.


Waterpoint is a subdivision which is bringing two high-end townhomes to market, each with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a private pool, and water views.


Latest project update.

Current Status: Property sales

The construction on site at Waterpoint is wrapping up. All major items have been completed, we are currently awaiting the installation of the major appliances throughout the homes, the finishing touches on the pools and final works to the Gatehouse. Once these small items are finalised the construction of the home will be complete.

Once the construction is complete the home will be styled, photographed, and listed on the market ahead of its sale.

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  • 12% per annum return
  • Distributions paid monthly
  • Capital secured against real estate
  • Bonus profit share upon completion
  • Targeted 36 month term
  • Pro rata returns if delayed