A boutique selection of investment properties, all of which have been developed by us with the highest level of research, design, and quality to back them.



Made for Property Investing

Growing Regions

We only build in regions with strong growth factors so our properties will rise in price and yield capital gains.

In-Demand Properties

We only build properties that are in-demand in those regions. No over-supplied apartments that will stagnate in value.

High Rental Yields

The types of properties we build, and the locations we choose, have histories of above market average rental yields.

Built in Prime Locations

All of our investment properties have been built in locations that are primed to capitalise on price growth in the years after their completion.

We identify future high-growth areas by looking for regions with growth indicators: travel time to CBD, population growth, net migration, infrastructure upgrades, public transport availability, planned amenities, employment hubs, and desirability.

By identifying suburbs that have these factors, we can confidently predict price growth for our properties.

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Designed by Experts

No matter how good the suburb is, the investment properties themselves must also be desirable. That’s why we collaborate with award-winning architects, town planners, and interior designers to ensure that our homes are great places to live.

We also consider the demographics of the neighbourhoods we build in to make sure that our homes match the demand of the market.

Owning in-demand homes will lower your vacancy rates and increase your rental yield – great news for any investor.

Made from Premium Materials

Through our connections with builders and suppliers, we are able to source quality materials at wholesale prices. This means we’re able to produce luxurious, long-lasting homes at an affordable pricepoint. In an industry rife with shoddy construction and sub-par finishes, our homes stand out because they are built to last.

Included Property Management

Purchasers of our homes also gain access to property management services through our sister company Mane Property.

When you purchase, we can start hunting for tenants immediately so that your investment is occupied from day one. 

With bespoke, one-on-one service, our property management team will work wonders for your new property.

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