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This webpage is a summary of significant information you’ll need to consider when making a decision about Lion Property Group’s investment offers.  This webpage does not refer to a specific investment offer, but rather Lion Property Group’s investment offers in general. This webpage is not a product disclosure statement for the purposes of Part 7.9 of the Corporations Act. The information in this webpage is general information only. It does not take into account your personal circumstances, financial situation, or needs. Before making a decision to invest, you should consider the Information Memorandum of the specific investment offer and obtain financial advice tailored to your personal circumstances. This page was last updated in May, 2021.

"The rich invest their money and spend what is left; the poor spend their money and invest what is left."

- Robert Kiyosaki

Why investing is essential

Low interest rates and unchanging inflation rates mean that saving your money in a bank account is actually costing you buying power over time.

Each year that your money is left sitting in a bank account, you are losing 0.2% of your buying power.


Inflation Rate

Average annual rate of inflation over the last ten years.


Interest Rate

Average annual interest rate offered in bank’s savings accounts.

Our typical offerings

Our typical investment performance. Figures are indicative only, see each offer for specific performance targets.

End Payment



Typical annualised return 

End Payment offers higher returns, but is paid at the end of the investment term in a lump sum.
Investment terms are typically 2-3 years.

Passive Income



Regular, monthly distributions of 1%

Passive Income pays out returns in regular distributions, with capital returned at the end of the investment term. Investment terms are typically 12 months.

About Lion

Lion Property Group is the Promoter and Development Manager of various property development Trusts and Companies. We oversee the operation, investment decisions, management, and administration of each of these Companies.

Over the last few years, we have honed and revised our investment models based on the challenges we’ve encountered from practical experience in undertaking our developments. The result is two distinct models of investment structured to serve the needs of investors and the experience required for us to consistently achieve the targeted performance.

Our Experience

How we invest your money

We utilise a growth-focused investment strategy that uses property development to achieve it’s returns. Property development, also known as real estate development, is a business strategy that encompasses a variety of practices designed to increase the value of a property so that it can be resold for a profit. Property development has been a successful investment model for decades, but is usually out of reach of most single investors. By utilising a mutual fund structure that pools capital from multiple investors, we are able to offer property development opportunities to individuals who cannot undertake them on their own. The projects we fund have been identified by the Development Manager as having a suitable internal rate of return upon completion to deliver satisfactory amounts of profit.

How our investments work

When a client invests in a project, they receive shares in a controlling entity responsible for the purchase and development of the land: a Special Purpose Vehicle. The special purpose vehicle (also known as an SPV) is a registered proprietary limited company which is incorporated for the purpose of the property developments completion. The SPV functions as a legal entity which collectively represents all investors in a project. Investors also have voting rights in this Company, which for example can be exercised should the management agreement require major changes.

The Joint Venture agreement to undertake a project is between Lion Property Group and the Proprietary Limited Company.

The development site for the project is purchased by the Company which represents the investors, using investor capital. As the investors are shareholders, they are entitled to the assets of the Company to recoup their investment in the unlikely event of an insolvency or other failure. This means that investor capital is secured against the value of the development site itself. If the worst-case happens, investors can sell the site to get their capital back, or take another course of action, depending on what the shareholders vote to do.

While the land is collectively owned by the investors, they don’t want to be doing the work of actually undertaking the development. Which is why the Company appoints Lion Property Group as the Development Manager via the management agreement. This agreement also outlines the plan and overall intended process for the development, including the type and number of properties to be constructed.

As the Development Manager, Lion Property Group is responsible for completing the development on behalf of the Company and the investors. This involves, but is not limited to:

  • overseeing all administrative tasks required to complete the project;
  • appointing and collaborating with town planners, architects, land surveyors, and engineers to complete development plans;
  • submitting the plans to Council and obtaining all relevant approvals as required by the jurisdiction of the development site;
  • representing the investors at civil tribunals relating to the project, if required;
  • obtaining financing from a lender to fund construction;
  • selling the developed properties in-house, or appointing a realtor to assist with sales.

This investment structure is utilised because it ensures that investors are protected, but grants us the ability to undertake the development in a timely and efficient manner in line with investor expectations.

Benefits of investing with us

Our projects aim to provide investors with exposure to property development projects and their revenue.

High Returns

Our projects offer competitive risk-adjusted returns for their asset class: up to 15% p.a.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees in the fine print. Our fees are included in the Information Memorandum of each offer.


Progress updates are communicated to investors on a quarterly basis so you know how your investment is tracking.


All of our investments are secured against real estate assets, and investors are provided with Shares.

Current opportunities

We are raising $1 million from investors to fund the construction of a development site in Noble Park. We are demolishing the existing home and building six contemporary townhouses in its place.
End Payment

Are you eligible?

Some of our investment offers are restricted to investors who meet certain criteria. Please complete a quick eligibility test so we can offer you the appropriate investment options for your financial situation.

Our office location

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Learn more

Hungry for more information? Check out our other educational resources to learn more and help you make an informed investment decision.

How to Invest

Start your investment online and add the high returns of property development to your portfolio.

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