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This webpage is a summary of significant information you’ll need to consider when making a decision about Lion Property Group’s investment offers.  This webpage does not refer to a specific investment offer, but rather Lion Property Group’s investment offers in general. This webpage is not a product disclosure statement for the purposes of Part 7.9 of the Corporations Act. The information in this webpage is general information only. It does not take into account your personal circumstances, financial situation, or needs. Before making a decision to invest, you should consider the Information Memorandum of the specific investment offer and obtain financial advice tailored to your personal circumstances. This page was last updated in February, 2020.

"The rich invest their money and spend what is left; the poor spend their money and invest what is left."

- Robert Kiyosaki


Low interest rates and unchanging inflation rates mean that saving your money in a bank account is actually costing you buying power over time.

Each year that your money is left sitting in a bank account, you are losing 0.2% of your buying power.


Inflation Rate

Average annual rate of inflation over the last ten years.


Interest Rate

Average annual interest rate offered in bank’s savings accounts.

This means that if you want to grow your wealth over time, you have to invest it. But there are many options - which is the best?



Australia 10-Year Bonds

This is the ‘coupon rate’: the amount of interest that bondholders will receive on an annual basis. Government bonds are generally considered the safest possible investment option.


S&P/ ASX 200 Stock Market Index

This is an Index Fund of the 200 biggest companies on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), managed by Standard & Poor’s. It is a commonly used indicator of the performance of blue-chip equities on the ASX.


Average Property Price Growth

This is the change in dwelling values according to CoreLogic’s 5 capital city aggregated figures. This figure is gross and does not account for the ongoing costs of owning a property, which reduce net returns.
Figures refer to FY19-20.

As you can see, the performance of investments varies greatly depending on the asset involved and the level of risk that is inherent in the strategy. Modern economic and investment theory supposes that the amount of return and level of risk present in an investment offer are linked. Each investor should identify their own unique financial goals and choose investment products to suit.


An showcasing our typical investment performance. Figures are indicative only, see each offer for specific performance targets.

18 Month Investment Term
$250,000 invested
1 %
$ 0
Payment per quarter
$ 1
Total profit


Lion Property Group is the Promoter and Development Manager of various property development Trusts and Companies. We oversee the operation, investment decisions, management, and administration of each of these Trusts.

Our obligations are governed by each Trust’s Trust Deed, the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), general Trust law, and any other applicable laws.

Over the last few years, we have honed and revised our investment models based on the challenges we’ve encountered from practical experience in undertaking our developments. The result is two distinct models of investment structured to serve the needs of investors and the experience required for us to consistently achieve the targeted performance.

Our Experience


Since these projects had different investment durations, these figures show the annualized net return to investors of each project.

In our first year of operation, we paid out over $1.1 million in profit to investors in cash flow investments.


Investment Strategy

We utilise a growth-focused investment strategy that uses property development to achieve it’s returns. Property development, also known as real estate development, is a business strategy that encompasses a variety of practices designed to increase the value of a property so that it can be resold for a profit. Property development has been a successful investment model for decades, but is usually out of reach of most single investors. By utilising a mutual fund structure that pools capital from multiple investors, we are able to offer property development opportunities to individuals who cannot undertake them on their own. The projects we fund have been identified by the Development Manager as having a suitable internal rate of return upon completion to deliver satisfactory amounts of profit.


Land Acquisition

Our Land Acquisition offers are generally structured as Unit Trusts, with investors receiving Units proportional to their investment. 

Each property development project is linked to a unique Unit Trust. When you invest in an offer, your money is pooled together with other investor’s money in the relevant Trust and used as described in the Information Memorandum.

As an investor, you acquire units in the Trust that you have invested into. A unit represents a proportionate beneficial interest in the Trust’s assets as a whole (but not to any particular assets). You can increase your investment by acquiring more units in the Trust.
The price of a Unit is fixed at $1,000.

Any investment into a Trust cannot be withdrawn prior to the completion of the Investment Term.

The manner in which distributions are made differ for each Trust. Please review the Information Memorandum for each Trust to obtain this information.


Our Trusts and Companies aim to provide investors with exposure to property development projects and their revenue.

High Returns

Our completed Trusts have successfully provided investors with average returns of 12.86% per annum when their performance is annualised.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees in the fine print. Our fees are included in the Information Memorandum of each offer.


Progress updates are communicated to investors on a monthly basis so you know how your investment is tracking.


All of our investments are secured against real estate assets, and investors are provided with Units or Shares.


Are you eligible?

Some of our investment offers are restricted to investors who meet certain criteria. Please complete a quick eligibility test so we can offer you the appropriate investment options for your financial situation.


Team - Garry Pesochinsky- Director Lion Property Group

Garry Pesochinsky

Head of Developments

  • Overseen 20+ property developments
  • Personally managed over $50 million of capital
  • 10+ years working in financial services sector
John Sader - Info Pack - Lion Property Group

John Sader

Head of People & Culture

  • 15+ years of management experience
  • 5+ years working in financial services
  • Accredited Behavioural Specialist
Team - Chloe Shi - General Manager Lion Property Group

Chloe Shi

General Manager

  • Master’s in Business Administration (Executive)
  • 10+ years working with C-Suite and Executives
  • Extensive background in HR & Recruiting
Rami Alagha Headshot Lion Property Group Square

Rami Alagha


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Construction Project Management
  • Diploma of Construction of Buildings
  • PhD Candidate in Construction Management
Team - Daan Jansen - Lion Property Group Square

Daan Jansen

Capital Advisory Consultant

  • 15+ years of investment experience
  • Accredited Investment Advisor (RG146)
  • Cert. IV Finance & Mortgage Broking
WebSquare- Brenton Schaeche- Capital Advisory Director- Lion Property Group Headshot

Brenton Schaeche

Capital Advisory Consultant

  • 12+ years of investment experience
  • Accredited Investment Advisor (RG146)
  • Bachelor of Construction Management
Stuart Ruddick Lion Property Group Headshot Square

Stuart Ruddick

Capital Advisory Consultant

  • Agents Representative
  • Investment Advisor (RG146)
  • 5 Years in the Property Industry


Lion-Property-Group-Property Development--South-Melbourne
Lion Property Group - Property Development - Exterior - South Melbourne


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