Chloe Shi

General Manager

  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Cert. IV in Human Resources
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

With close to ten years of experience working directly with C-suite, managers, leaders, and executives in a variety of roles throughout her career, Chloe has progressed into a leadership position within Lion Property Group as General Manager.

Her extensive background and experience in Human Resources has enabled Chloe to maintain a strong focus on creating and fostering a diverse, high performing workforce through the recruitment, on-boarding, training and mentoring of team members who are proud to represent the company brand.

In her current role, Chloe aspires to continue developing her leadership skills and transform complex procedures into simple, understandable and implementable actions that maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of employees,allowing for contribution, innovation, and continuous improvement of the business as it expands into the global market.

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