Rami Alagha

Lead Project Manager

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Construction Project Management
  • Diploma of Construction of Buildings
  • PhD Candidate in Construction Management

During his twenty-year career Rami Algha has worked on developments for companies around the world including the UK, Australia, Dubai, India, and Bangladesh, with a combined total construction price in excess of USD$600 million.

Rami’s career began in Dubai where he worked as a civil engineer, and then a project manager, on eight different high-rise construction projects, including the 250-room Shangri-La Hotel. Over the years, Rami would go on to work on a variety of different types of property development projects: residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and subdivision works.

Throughout his career, Rami has kept up his formal academic training, completing a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in the United Kingdom, a Diploma in Australia, and is currently a PhD Candidate. Rami is also a Registered Building Practitioner and a member of the Engineers of Australia.

Rami’s twenty years of practical experience in various roles throughout the construction sector have provided him with a lifetime of diverse skill that makes him singularly suitable as a project manager – his expertise in construction, building methodologies, and current industry best practices is unmatched. His holistic understanding of the development process allows Rami to proactively implement corrective measures and outline preventive measures with an outstanding problem solving attitude and analytic thinking by utilising the latest modernised project management techniques and tools.

It is Rami, along with his small army of consultants and contractors, who drive the progress of our developments forward, on-time and on-budget.

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