Our Story

Our origins can be traced back to the early 2000s, when one of Lion Property Group’s Directors, Garry Pesochinsky, began his first property development in Brighton East as a personal project. While he encountered challenges along the way, Garry was encouraged by his success and continued to develop properties on the side. His next two Developments were located in Camberwell.

In 2015, Garry decided to add property developments as a new branch under his company. This branch operated under the name Investments Squared Pty Ltd.

In the period 2015-2017 under his leadership, Investments Squared launched fourteen projects with over 100 clients and $20 million in funds under management.

By early 2018, property developments had rapidly outgrown and outperformed the other branches of his business, so Garry decided to focus his attention on Property Developments and purchased Investments Squared. He then formed Lion Property Group with his new business partners: Michael Peroumal and John Sader.

From left to right: Garry Pesochinsky, John Sader, Michael Peroumal

Lion Property Group was incorporated in May 2018 and Investments Squared, along with all of its assets, became a subsidiary of the newly founded Lion Property Group.

The acquisition of Investments Squared provided Lion Property Group with a foundation over 130 active investors, close to AU$30 million in managed funds, 13 active projects, and a gross realisation value of AU$130 million, which has only grown since then.

Our first Development to complete while operating as Lion Property Group is The Precedent, a six-townhouse project in Nundah, Queensland. The Precedent settled in October 2018 and delivered a return of 42.5% over a 37 month duration, resulting in an annual return-on-investment of 13.7%.

The Precedent complete

In April 2019, we officially became an international organisation with the launch of the Orange Grove Development in Los Angeles, California, USA.