Lion Property Group
brand story.

"Adding value to our community by building quality properties and generating wealth for investors."

We are a boutique real estate development firm with a team comprised of industry professionals with decades of experience who are united by a common vision.

We are an investment company who believes in more than just numbers; we focus on the people behind the transactions. One of the things we’re proudest of as a company is the relationships we have formed with our investors.

From humble beginnings.

Our story begins in the early 2000s, when Garry Pesochinsky, one of Lion’s co-founders, began his first property development project.

From a young age, Garry Pesochinsky has known the value of property. His father flipped properties for 25 years, and after seeing the potential that property development offered, Garry began working on property developments as a second job. After achieving success on his personal property development projects, Garry decided to quit his day job and start his own company. Property development had allowed Garry to escape from his 9-to-5, and he wanted to help others achieve what he had.

When Garry started his own business, he worked on property development along with a suite of other financial services. From two employees working out of a spare bedroom, the business grew to 80 employees in three states, with $20 million in funds under management and servicing over 100 clients.

In early 2018, property development had rapidly outgrown and outperformed the other financial services of his business, so Garry decided to return to his roots and focus on what he was truly excelled at: property development.

And in order to do that, Garry needed a new business partner.

Team - Garry Pesochinsky- Director Lion Property Group
Garry Pesochinsky
Founding Partner & Director
John Sader - Info Pack - Lion Property Group
John Sader
Founding Partner & Director

A focus on excellence.

At the same time that Garry was experimenting with property development, John Sader was also making the decision to transform his life. After a decade working in retail to support his family, John had decided that enough was enough. He enrolled at The Coaching Institute so he could learn the skills, insights, and frameworks that lead to human excellence, and revitalise his career.

John then used the knowledge gained to start a consulting business—and that’s how John and Garry started working together.

It was Garry who introduced John to the power of property investing, and allowed John to build up his personal investment portfolio. 

In return, John brought his mastery of sales, marketing, and PR to the table, firstly as a consultant, and later as Executive Vice President. 

When Garry wanted to focus on property development with his new company, John was the first person he turned to.

Our work principles.

Because how you do something is just as important as what you do.
We are courageous in our pursuit of excellence, and will persevere through adversity to obtain it.

Challenges only strengthen our resolve, for our success is shared.


Our attitudes and behaviour are within our control. We choose to embody positivity.


We appreciate and are grateful for the wonderful things that we create together.


The mark we leave on the world is the people and lives we have changed for the better.

What we've achieved for our investors.

1551-1557 S. Orange Grove, Los Angeles, California

Originally a planned development to build a 30-unit apartment complex in Faircrest Heights, Los Angeles, we decided to on-sell this development site alongside plans and permits to achieve a profit for investors.


Passive Income

3-7 Pink Hill Boulevard, Beaconsfield VIC

A $2,000,000 capital raise to fund the acquisition of a development site in Beaconsfield. The site is currently vacant, and we will build 10 land lots in the first stage.


End Payment

29 Gort Crescent, Stafford QLD

A $1,200,000 capital raise to fund the development of five townhouses in Stafford. Each townhome has up to four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two car spaces.


End Payment

65 Ashmore St, Everton Park QLD

A $1,800,000 capital raise from investors to fund the development of ten townhouses in Everton Park, QLD. Investors in this project were paid out in March, 2021.


End Payment

25 Barrymore St, Everton Park QLD

A $1,000,000 capital raise to fund the development of six townhouses in Everton Park. Each townhome had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two car spaces.


End Payment

11 Sidney St, Nundah QLD

A $1,000,000 capital raise to fund the development of six townhouses in Nundah, Qld. Investors in this project were paid out in December, 2018.


End Payment


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