Our Team

Garry Pesochinsky
Director – Head of Developments

Garry Pesochinsky’s journey through life has had many twists and turns. He began his professional career working in the IT industry, starting at an IT helpdesk position and working his way up over eleven years to an IT Team Leader at National Australia Bank.

Garry’s interest in Property Development started in his personal life. His father flipped properties for 25 years, and after having his second child, Garry decided to try something similar.

His first property development was an older home located on a 700 square metre block of land in Brighton East, which he subdivided, built another home, and resold the original while he moved into the new property. While he encountered challenges along the way, Garry was encouraged by his success and continued to develop properties.

At the age of 27, while working for NAB, and undertaking these Developments, Garry decided to start a new business with his younger brother and study to obtain his Certificate IV in Financial Services. He juggled all of this for three years.

After three years, Garry decided to quit his safe NAB job and follow his passion and grow his business. Over the next decade, Garry and his brother grew their business from two employees into a medium size business with over eighty employees in three offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

In 2015, Garry added another branch to his business: Property Developments. In the period from 2015-2018 under his leadership, the Developments branch managed 14 projects, with 100 clients and over $20 million in funds under management.

In early 2018, Garry decided to focus his attention on Property Developments and purchased the subsidiary companies which managed the Property Developments of his business and formed Lion Property Group with his new business partners.

At Lion Property Group, Garry works as Head of Developments where he utilizes his skills in project management, site evaluation, finance, and capital raising to keep sixteen active projects on schedule.

John Sader
Director – Head of People & Culture

With a rich and varied career spanning across two decades, John Sader has worked with high performance teams in a range of industries to deliver outstanding results.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, John’s humble beginnings are a catalyst which drive him to master the skills of persuasive communication and leverage these techniques to obtain extraordinary results.

As an avid reader with an ever-curious nature, John has devoted himself to understanding what motivates the people who change the world. This journey of knowledge led John to becoming certified by the Coaching Institute. It was here that John specialised in interpersonal communication patterns and how they can be used to improve business outcomes. These skills allowed John to become a facilitator for The Coaching Institute as well as a founding member of The International Coach Guild.

Through his years of studies, facilitation, and consulting work, John refined his innate abilities and discovered how to apply his learnings directly within the fields of Sales and Marketing.  Coupled with his passion for investing in the Australian property market, John found a synergy which empowered real estate professionals to improve their inbound enquiries and conversion rates.

This focused engagement with traditional and off the plan sales teams served to further sharpen John’s ability to generate highly qualified leads, retain interest, and grow sales through a variety of online and offline applications.

As a digital native, John’s interest in online publication, lead generation, campaign management, and delivery of live events brings a depth to the Lion team which is truly invaluable.

John is  certified in Meta Dynamics and Hypnosis, accredited in Extended DISC Behavioral Profiling and holds an Advanced Diploma of Management. This extensive knowledge is the source of John’s in depth awareness of the human mind, which combined with his industry experience as a senior leader, provides clear guidance which drives Lion Property Group’s high performance culture.

Michael Peroumal
Director – Head of Sales

Michael Peroumal has been working in the Sales industry and assisting Sales professionals for over 25 years. With his direct experience in Property sales, business development, account management, training, and coaching he has developed an intimate understanding of the proven strategies that lead to outstanding sales results.

After buying his first investment property at the age of 21, Michael discovered and fell in love with the power of what property can do for your wealth. He has continued his work in the industries of Sales and Property by assisting thousands of clients build their own property investment portfolio. He believes in simple yet practical strategies that are easy to implement which enable people to achieve fast productivity gains, profitability, and life growth.

He has worked all over the world in his professional sales career including Australasia, South East Asia, USA, Europe, and Africa. He has managed, trained, and coached both small and large teams of sales professionals. Under his leadership, these teams consistently achieved outstanding sales results across a large cross section of industries including: Property and Development, Property Consulting, HR/Recruiting, Professional Services, Health & Wellbeing, Wellness Products, High-end Education, Industrial Sales, Direct Sales, Medical & Security services, and Sustainable Energy.

Michael is a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent (LREA) and Associate Fellow of the National Real Estate Association (AFNREA). His direct yet open approach has enabled him to assist thousands of clients to confidently and safely build their successful property and development portfolios. With core values of integrity and trust, Michael loves developing the belief, skills and wisdom to empower any property development/investor to achieve the results the want and desire.

On a personal note, Michael became a father in 2010. It was at this point that he truly understood the power and meaning of leaving an eternal legacy to the world, and began the next phase of his life journey to continually update his knowledge and develop his skills to ensure he performs at the highest level.

Chloe Shi
General Manager

With close to ten years of experience working directly with C-suite, managers, leaders, and executives in a variety of roles throughout her career, Chloe has progressed into a leadership position within Lion Property Group as General Manager.

Her extensive background and experience in Human Resources has enabled Chloe to maintain a strong focus on creating and fostering a diverse, high performing workforce through the recruitment, on-boarding, training and mentoring of team members who are proud to represent the company brand.

In her current role, Chloe aspires to continue developing her leadership skills and transform complex procedures into simple, understandable and implementable actions that maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of employees,allowing for contribution, innovation, and continuous improvement of the business as it expands into the global market.

Brenton Schaeche
Capital Advisory Director

Brenton is an experienced Investment adviser with a demonstrated history of capital raising in the Corporate Finance and Property Development sectors. Brenton is committed to helping his clients achieve the best results with their investments, including Wholesale Investments and SMSF opportunities.

Brenton began his career working in Construction Management before transitioning into Capital Raise roles. When Brenton had the opportunity to utilise his studies and incorporate that with the corporate finance world, it was like the stars aligned. He was able to use his passion for property and development and associate it with his experience. This experience makes Brenton especially well-suited to working in Property Development since it provides him with holistic knowledge of the entire construction process from inception to completion. This understanding of the process allows Brenton to identify promising investments and easily explain the process of investing in Property Development.

Brenton’s ambition is to build relationships: to grow his family, to expand his network of clients, to work with great people every day, and to build a team to whom he can pass on his knowledge and expertise.

Daan Jansen
Capital Advisory Director

During his fifteen years of work in financial industries around the world, Daan has accumulated a wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience, helping thousands of clients and investors along the way.

Daan’s career working in market-leading institutions began in his home country of the Netherlands, where he worked at ING bank. After moving to Australia, Daan was nominated in back-to-back years as Best Newcomer in Victoria at the Better Business Awards, an annual awards ceremony hosted by The Adviser. Daan took home the award on his second nomination, setting him up for a great career in the Australian property investment industry.

During his career Daan has raised over AU$15,000,000 in private equity, playing an integral part in building a community of successful investors.

Despite these accomplishments, Daan is only just getting started. He considers it a great honour to have positively influenced the lives of so many people, and is inspired by the knowledge that there are still millions of people that he can help achieve financial independence.

Frank Li (李佳)
Director Executive – Asia

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree and a scholarship in civil engineering in Beijing, China, Frank Li started his professional career in 2006. The first project he was involved in was the main stadium (Bird’s Nest) of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

In late 2007, Frank decided to explore the world more and put his feet on the road. He joined Intrepid Travel, a Melbourne-headquartered international tourism company, as a group leader in Asia. He explored more than 10 countries and regions as he was promoted 5 times up the Intrepid hierarchy. In 2012, Frank was the Purchasing Director for greater China of PEAK Adventure Group (formed from Intrepid). He established his purchasing team and the supplier evaluation and evaluation system to control the quality of services that PEAK purchases. Ultimately, his work at Intrepid Travel and PEAK improved the level of travellers’ experiences in the greater China area.

In 2013 Frank was offered a scholarship for a MBA program by HULT International Business School in Boston, USA. Frank decided to go with his gut instincts and stepped into the business world.

During his course, three different tourism companies offered Frank Director-level positions. However, Frank refused them all because he wanted to achieve more in the business world with his transferable professional capabilities. A Melbourne based head-hunter approached Frank with a real estate job offer from McGrath, a public company, located in Australia.

After working at McGrath for almost 3 years, Frank gained a deeper understanding and a wider network within the Australian real estate, property development, and estate fund raising industries. In 2018, Frank’s aspirational spirit drove him to evolve into the upper tier in the real estate industry and brought him to Lion Property Group whose vision is also to positively influence the world.

Rebecca Tillison
Client Relations Manager

Bec has been working in customer service and relations roles for over fifteen years across an assortment of diverse industries, with her duties including appointment setting, customer support, and call centres.

In 2016 Bec first stepped into a leadership position as a Call Centre Team Leader at Telstra, where she was able to impart her knowledge of client care, management, and conflict resolution onto her team.

At Lion Property Group, Bec is our Client Relationship Manager, responsible for interacting with our community of over 200 investors, providing them with updates on their investments and answering their questions and messages.

Bec also organises regular events for our investor community, including regular mix and mingle events, appreciation dinners, and trips to view Developments.

Her vast experience in customer care has taught Bec the importance of listening to clients to understand their concerns and having the drive to do everything you can to get them what they need. Bec considers herself to be like a mum for clients and dedicates herself to looking after them at all times.

Bec plans to go back to school in the future to update her knowledge and expand into foreign client management and care.