The Lion
Property Group team.

Our team is composed of industry veterans with decades of experience who are united by a common vision: to add value to our community by building quality homes and generating wealth for investors.

Our people.

Garry Pesochinsky.

Founding Partner & Director

John Sader.

Founding Partner & Director

Chloe Shi.

General Manager

Brenton Schaeche.

Capital Advisory Director

Rami Alagha.

Lead Project Manager

Kara Cutajar.

Investor Relationship Manager

Our partners.

Property development is a highly collaborative task with input from a wide variety of experts and consultants. We work with a number of third parties, and while they aren’t employees, we definitely consider them to be part of the team: their input has played a massive role in shaping our projects.

A Melbourne-based architect who specialises in designing luxury homes. They are our go-to architect for high-end homes.

An award-winning firm who worked on many of our earlier Brisbane townhouse projects, such as Everton Peak and Two Five Barrymore.

A specialist architect who has worked on many of our townhouse developments located in Melbourne, such as The Parkside.

A Melbourne-based builder with 23 years of experience. Has worked on The Parkside and The Beacon projects.

Kassem Group has an industry-wide reputation for superior quality, deliverability, and unsurpassed project management.

Human Habitats are a town planning, urban design, and landscape firm who have worked on many of our projects in Victoria and SEQ.

Geleon are a Gold Coast engineering firm with an extensive history in providing multi-discipline engineering services for residential developments.

Northgroup Consultanting are land surveyors and we engage with them to create surveys of our development sites.

Acousticworks is a firm specializing in BCA, architectural, and building acoustics as well as noise and vibration management.

A mortgage broker who helps us track down private lenders to provide construction funding for our projects.

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