Zenith Updates

Project Summary

Zenith is a renovation project. The home that currently exists on the 1,271m2 lot was built in 1972 in classical Queenslander-style with five bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and five parking spaces. Since Queenslander-style homes are a hot item in the local market, we’ve decided to expand and renovate the pre-existing home rather than building a new one. This is a strategy we’ve previously implemented in our Epoch development, where we are relocating and renovating two heritage listed Queenslanders. Our planned renovations are extensive, so upon completion the mansion will include 6 bedrooms, a 4-car garage, a study, a library, a cellar, a pool, an outdoor entertainment area, and a lift. We are raising AUD$4,000,000 for Zenith with an anticipated market value upon completion of AUD$8,250,000.

Progress as of March, 2021

Construction on the project has commenced and the construction loan has settled so the more works are to be carried out in the coming quarter.

To date, we have completed the following tasks

  • All the plumbing rough-ins have been completed.
  • Electric rough-ins are in the final stage and will be completed shortly.
  • Sheeting for the bathrooms will be started this week.
  • Work on fixtures and finishes continues on the ground and first floor
  • Modification & finishes work is in progress in the basement & ground floor.
  • The floor decking to the first floor is underway

We anticipate that a great deal of work to the property will be completed in the upcoming quarter.


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