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About Us: Garry Pesochinsky

Garry Pesochinsky

Cert IV of Financial Services (F/MB)

Garry Pesochinsky has experienced many twists and turns in his journey through life. He began his professional career working in the IT industry, starting at an IT helpdesk position and working his way up over eleven years to an IT Team Leader at National Australia Bank.

Garry’s interest in Property Development started in his personal life. His father flipped properties for 25 years, and after having his second child, Garry decided to try something similar.

His first property development was an older home located on a 700 square metre block of land in Brighton East, which he subdivided, built another home, and resold the original while he moved into the new property. While he encountered challenges along the way, Garry was encouraged by his success and continued to develop properties. His next two Developments were located in Camberwell.

At the age of 27, while working for NAB, and undertaking these Developments, Garry decided to start a new business with his younger brother and study to obtain his Certificate IV in Financial Services. He juggled all of this for three years.

After three years, Garry decided to quit his safe NAB job and follow his passion and grow his business. Over the next decade, Garry and his brother grew their business from two employees working out of a spare bedroom into a medium size business with over eighty employees in three offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

In 2015, Garry added another branch to his business: Property Developments. In the period from 2015-2018 under his leadership, the Developments branch managed 14 projects, with 100 clients and over $20 million in funds under management.

In early 2018, Garry decided to focus his attention on Property Developments and purchased the subsidiary companies which managed the Property Developments of his business and formed Lion Property Group with his new business partners.

At Lion Property Group, Garry works as Head of Developments where he utilizes his skills in project management, site evaluation, finance, and capital raising to keep sixteen active projects on schedule.

Garry’s goal in life is to empower as many people as possible to achieve ultimate freedom. In addition to being a tremendous vehicle to generate wealth for Investors, Property Developments allow Garry to build better homes and better communities for society.

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